For Immediate Release: May 21, 2019


Yesterday, the California Senate voted to pass the College Student Right to Access Act (SB 24, Levya), which would expand abortion care at California’s public university health centers. The bill, sponsored by various reproductive freedom and justice organizations, has gained widespread support from dozens of local groups. Governor Gavin Newsom, who has been a vocal advocate for reproductive freedom, has signaled his support for SB 24 should it head to his desk. The bill will now move to the Assembly for consideration. NARAL Pro-Choice California members and pro-choice activists from across the state are working tirelessly to ensure that SB 24 moves forward.


“California is once again poised to lead the nation in protecting and expanding civil and human rights for all,” said NARAL Pro-Choice California State Director Shannon Hovis. “This year alone, thirty states across the U.S. have introduced, passed, or signed bills to ban abortion—a right that is fundamental to living freely and equally in this world. California leaders are not afraid of progress, and it is this progress that leads to our economic success as the fifth largest economy in the world.”  


Just last week, sixty NARAL California members traveled to the Capitol to lobby their elected officials in support of critical pieces of reproductive healthcare legislation, which included SB 24, SB 464 to address the state’s high rates of black maternal mortality, and SB135 to expand access to paid family leave. NARAL Pro-Choice California has paved the way for progressive, proactive campaigns and legislation that raise the bar for reproductive freedom and abortion access and level the playing field for women and families in all 50 states. Over the next several months, NARAL will continue to fight for the passage of legislation that makes reproductive freedom a reality for all Californians.



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