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Fake women’s health centers lie to, shame and intentionally mislead women about their reproductive-health-care options to block them from accessing abortion care.

A woman facing an unintended pregnancy deserves medically accurate, comprehensive and unbiased information.

Fake women’s health centers try to trick women into entering these facilities by masquerading as full-service women’s health clinics. Some even claim to provide abortion care to get women in the door, and then use lies and manipulation to try to dissuade them from considering abortion.

There are more than 4,000 fake women’s health centers across the country.1 In at least 12 states, fake clinics receive direct state funding to mislead women. Government support for these anti-choice organizations creates the false impression that fake clinics are part of the mainstream medical community. They are not.

The government should not support anti-choice fake women’s health centers. Women should have all the facts to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

NARAL Pro-Choice California sent undercover investigators to fake women’s health centers all over California. They uncovered disturbing tactics that show just how much fake clinics pose a threat to women’s health.


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