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Assembly Bill 732 authored by Asm. Rob Bonta

AB 732, the “Reproductive Dignity for Incarcerated People Act,” will improve the quality of reproductive health care, support, and accommodations for incarcerated people in state prisons and county jails. Incarceration obligates the government to uphold the dignity and humanity of incarcerated people in the provision of healthcare, services, and supports, including their reproductive experiences. AB 732 requires jails and prisons to provide reproductive health care and accommodations, and bans the solitary confinement or tasering of pregnant and postpartum individuals, with accountability mechanisms aimed to create dignified reproductive healthcare conditions, experiences, and outcomes.

Assembly Bill 1965 authored by Asm. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

*This bill is not moving forward this year. AB 1965 will expand access to preventive services by requiring the state’s family planning program to include the HPV vaccine within its covered healthcare services. By doing this, people enrolled in the Family Planning, Access, Care and Treatment (Family PACT) program, will have the option to receive the HPV vaccination without having to pay for it out-of-pocket, thereby increasing access and affordability to critical preventative care.

Assembly Bill 1973 authored by Asm. Sydney Kamlager Dove 

*Sponsored by NARAL Pro-Choice California*

*This bill is not moving forward this year. AB 1973 requires all state-licensed health plans and insurers cover abortion services without cost-sharing from the patient. Each person deserves the right to decide, if, when and how they grow their family regardless of income and without stigma or shame. By removing cost barriers to abortion care, California will take an important step forward to ensure that equitable, timely access to healthcare services are attainable to all Californians regardless of an individual’s status, privilege or bank account.

Assembly Bill 2035 authored by Asm. Blanca Rubio

*This bill is not moving forward this year. AB 2035 ensures youth and nonminor dependents in foster care can access the sexual health education and services available to every other youth and that their caregivers are empowered with the knowledge and information they need to support, guide and be available to youth. These efforts will greatly improve the health outcomes of youth in care and ensure healthy futures for foster youth.

Assembly Bill 2036 authored by Asm. Al Muratsuchi

*This bill is not moving forward this year. AB 2036 clarifies that if a non-profit health care facility is subject to an additional or subsequent sale or transaction that those conditions imposed by the Attorney General (AG) on the previous sale shall remain in effect for the entire period to maintain protections for health care consumers. Conditions may include requirements to ensure the continuity of emergency care, labor and delivery, women’s reproductive health, LGBTQ services, or any other vital services for a specified time. Without the AG’s authority to review a subsequent transaction, many healthcare consumers affected by the sale could lose access to care.

Assembly Bill 2258 authored by Asm. Eloise Gómez Reyes

*This bill is not moving forward this year. AB 2258 seeks to address racial disparities in maternal and infant mortality and morbidity by creating a statewide Medi-Cal pilot program to provide doula care for Medi-Cal enrollees in 14 counties across the state. The counties have been chosen based on the highest number of Black births and maternal health disparities. AB 2258 is California’s first bill seeking to advance Medi-Cal coverage of doula care. Importantly, it is also the first bill across the nation to advance full spectrum doula care, thereby acknowledging the range of reproductive outcomes that arise from a pregnancy.

Assembly Bill 2729 authored by Asm. Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

*This bill is not moving forward this year. AB 2729 will modernize and expand the program currently known as Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women (PE4PW) so that eligible pregnant people have access to all medications and services covered by full-scope Medi-Cal while on PE4PW. This will ensure that pregnant people with low incomes have access to inclusive, comprehensive healthcare during their pregnancy.

Assembly Bill 3052 authored by Asm. Wendy Carrillo

AB 3052 will establish the Forced Sterilization Compensation Program to compensate survivors who were forcibly sterilized pursuant to California’s eugenics law from 1909–1979 or who were subjected to coerced or involuntary sterilizations in women’s state prisons after 1979 and up until 2010. This bill offers financial reparation to victims of this state-sponsored abuse, including victims who were incarcerated, who have a disability or were targeted because of their race or immigration status. If this bill passes, it will make California the third state to compensate survivors of sterilization under the eugenics programs.

Assembly Bill 3140 authored by Asm. Rebecca Bauer-Kahan

*This bill is not moving forward this year. AB 3140 will protect the confidentiality of patients accessing sexual and reproductive health care services.

Assembly Bill 3216 authored by Asm. Ash Kalra & Asm. Lorena Gonzalez

AB 3216 will protect the health, safety, and economic well-being of California’s working families during this public health crisis and beyond. AB 3216 provides emergency paid sick leave to all California workers, expands family and pregnancy leave to all employees, and makes leave easier to access during an emergency.

Senate Bill 859 authored by Senator Scott Wiener 

*This bill is not moving forward this year. SB 859 will require the Secretary of California Health and Human Services and the Chief of the Office of Aids to develop and implement a master plan on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), for the purpose of improving the health of people living with, and vulnerable to, those conditions, reducing new transmissions, and ending these epidemics. HIV, HCV, and STDs remain among the most serious public health issues in California. California’s STD rates continue to climb and are at the highest levels in 30 years. This bill will provide a strategic roadmap to improve the health of all Californians and end these epidemics once and for all.

Senate Bill 885 authored by Sen. Richard Pan

*This bill is not moving forward this year. SB 885 will help address California’s STD public health crisis by expanding access to STD care and coverage for low-income Californians who are uninsured, enrolled in Medi-Cal, and/or those unable or unwilling to obtain services directly at a health center.

Senate Bill 1237 authored by Senator Bill Dodd

*Sponsored by NARAL Pro-Choice California* 

SB 1237 will expand access to reproductive healthcare, including first trimester abortion care and high-quality, high-value maternity care, by removing physician supervision for certified nurse-midwives. This will finally bringing California in line with the 46 other states that all do not require physician supervision for certified nurse midwives

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 110 authored by Asm. Buffy Wicks 

ACR 110 is an important declaration that the State of California is a Reproductive Freedom State for All, and is committed to guaranteeing the constitutionally protected right to access abortion and other reproductive health services without risk of criminalization. The resolution also states that California will promote preventive health care and expand access to reproductive health care regardless of the state in which the person seeking care resides, and ensures that all individuals have access to insurance coverage that includes pregnancy-related care, such as prenatal care, miscarriage management, abortion care, labor and delivery services, and postnatal care.

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