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Originally from Oakland, California, Paul grew up between the Bay Area and New England, where he attended Deerfield Academy and Trinity College.  He became politically engaged at a young age when his mother took him to the Hampshire College Reproductive Freedom Conference in Amherst, Massachusetts.

After college Paul moved to New York City where he embarked on a decade-long career in fashion, which began at Vogue Magazine and ended in Global Digital Marketing at Ralph Lauren. Ultimately, the polarizing political climate brought on by the 2016 Presidential campaigns drew him back to political activism and back to the Bay Area.
In San Francisco, Paul has worked on a number of political campaigns including those of former California State Senator Mark Leno, as well as Supervisors Stefani and Haney. Throughout his campaign work, Paul has developed a focus on field organizing, canvassing, and voter outreach.
Paul comes to NARAL after working as an intern for San Francisco City Hall’s District 6 office, serving neighborhoods including the Tenderloin and Soma, where he worked on housing, homelessness, and community outreach.

In addition to being part of NARAL Pro-Choice California’s Bay Area Action Council, Paul also serves on the Board of Directors of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco, as well as the Executive Board of the San Francisco Young Democrats. Paul now takes on the role of Northern California Organizing Fellow.

He has a strong desire to organize everyday people to rise up from systemic and legislative marginalization. He loves rescue fox Instagram accounts and the works of Jane Austen.

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